Storage disk array training courses
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Disk arrays

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Storage disk array training courses

These storage class listings include a range of storage disk array training courses, on topics like serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disks, serial ATA (SATA) disks and various aspects of Fibre Channel (FC) SAN disk arrays. The storage disk array courses here also cover specific storage products like DataCore's SANMelody and the Sun StorEdge architecture.

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DataCore SANMelody: This storage administrator training class instructs students on how to implement, manage and support SANmelody-powered servers, and how to integrate SANmelody with hardware. Over two days, participants will experience a combination of lectures and hands-on workshops. Each student can use a SAN during the workshop to virtualise storage, allocate storage to an application server, manage the SAN environment and implement high-availability configurations. The course methodology is a combination of instructor lecture and hands-on workshops. The workshops provide each student with server access to a SAN. Each student will use SANmelody to virtualise storage, allocate storage to an application server, implement high availability configurations and manage the SAN environment.
Provider: GBDirect. Dates: 2-3 November 2010; 14-15 December 2010. Location: Reading.

Infrastructure Support Analyst training: This training programme prepares students for work as infrastructure analysts, supporting information technology in various organisations. The courses include training in networking protocols, virtualisation, Wintel architecture and design, messaging and collaboration, security and storage. Students will leave with the knowledge to perform server consolidations, migrations, system upgrades, daily IT activities and other technical projects.
Provider: FDM Academy. Dates: Contact FDM Academy. Location: Brighton, London, Manchester. Find more information on this storage and infrastructure support training programme.

In-Depth Exploration of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS): The serial-attached SCSI (SAS) training course provides a look at the operations of the SAS interface as it gains mainstream use. Students will learn about SAS from the basic to the advanced, including signaling and cabling details, mode pages and expander addressing. The class will examine the physical, link, transport and application layers involved with using SAS.
Provider: Solution Technology. Dates: Contact Solution Technology or email Location: Reading. Find more information on this SAS training course.

Understanding Serial ATA (SATA): This two-day training course offers insight into how the serial ATA (SATA) interface works. Students will examine SATA and SATA II extensions and study new application areas for these interfaces. Day one includes a broad overview for less technical storage professionals, while day two goes into further detail.
Provider: Solution Technology. Dates: Contact Solution Technology or Location: Reading. Find more information on this SATA class.

Installing and Configuring Storage Area Networks: This training course is based on the Sun StorEdge Open SAN Architecture. Students will work on implementing SANs, installing Sun-supported network FC switches, configuring topologies and learning how to use zoning. At the completion of this storage training class, participants will be able to install and upgrade a SAN, install, configure and implement switches, determine correct firmware and patch levels for the SAN and create a global SAN, among other tasks.
Provider: QA. Dates: Contact QA. Location: London. Find more information on this storage area network course and find other QA Sun training courses including virtualisation.

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