Utilising server virtualisation for SAN storage

Server virtualisation for SAN storage can cut storage costs and consolidate servers. Learn about the pros and cons of server virtualisation in SAN, DAS and NAS environments, using iSCSI to connect SANs to virtual environments and more.

Server virtualisation for iSCSI and other SAN storage technologies can help data storage managers save on hardware costs, increase data centre capacities and simplify SAN management. But when implementing any new technology, virtual or physical, there are multiple considerations for IT pros to make.

SearchStorage.co.UK has compiled some recent information on virtualisation and SANs. Start by looking at the pros and cons of virtualisation in storage-area network (SAN), direct-attached storage (DAS) and network-attached storage (NAS) environments. Then learn why new enhancements to iSCSI has made the protocol effective in virtualisation environments and how one organisation successfully cut costs and consolidated servers by implementing a SAN in a virtual environment.

Data storage for virtual environments: Pros and cons of DAS, NAS and SAN
The adoption of server virtualisation in network storage environments has been driven by cost reductions and management simplifications. But how you use virtualisation for storage depends on your storage environment. SANs connect to virtual servers by using Fibre Channel or iSCSI protocols, and are a good fit for virtualisation technologies in environments that require high availability and resiliency. Learn more by reading this tip about DAS, NAS and SANs in virtual environments.

iSCSI in VMware environments: Best practices
When correctly utilised, iSCSI is an effective storage protocol for connecting SANs to VMware environments. To help IT pros, this tip provides three best practices for using iSCSI in VMware environments. Find out why you should treat iSCSI as a storage network, use only software initiators for iSCSi and why VMware vSphere 4 is a perfect fit for iSCSI SANs.

Financial firm uses Compellent SAN for server virtualisation project
For financial services organisation Credit Market Analysis (CMA), implementing a SAN to support a virtualisation project saved the business £300,000 in six months. Savings from deploying a Compellent Storage Center SAN to a VMware server came from shared storage and simpler storage administration. Read on to learn more about CMA's choice to use a Compellent SAN for their server virtualisation project over EMC Clariion, Hewlett-Packard EVA and NetApp FAS products.

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