Microsoft Office 2016 Preview: A first look


Microsoft Office 2016 Preview: Lync becomes Skype for Business

Source:  Microsoft

As part of a rebranding of its communication products, Microsoft is changing Lync’s name to Skype for Business. Along with a new name, Lync also gets a more Skype-like look and feel.

But it still the old, familiar Lync under the covers though. What is new is the controls that simplify using it for VOIP calls – letting you work in another application while still seeing details of the current call in a floating call monitor (so you can mute and hang-up without going back into the full Lync client).

There is cross-platform IM support with Skype, too, letting you communicate outside your Lync network – and allowing consumer Skype users to collaborate with business accounts. But when used this way, there is a lot missing. For instance, Skype user icons do not show up when you are talking across networks.

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