Oracle Openworld 2014


Data, data, everywhere

Source:  Oracle

Another CIO joining the keynote was Yael Cosset from the data science company Dunnhumby. He talked about how retailers are trying to get better insights from their customers using data.

He said retailers are moving away from the purchasing story to absorb data and fine-tune customer insights. But in order to do that, platforms need to be built capable of consuming vast amounts of data which is both unstructured and unpredictable.

“It’s extremely hard,” he said. “And it’s challenging because you have a combination of different types of [data], in volume and complexity, and you need a platform that can absorb that volume of data in a relatable fashion.

He said cloud enabled services have massive ability to deliver these services.

“We assessed all key players in the industry, and Oracle was chosen because of its scale and vision, hardware and software integration and the heading towards a cloud based platforms.”

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