SAP provides Extreme Sailing Series analytics platform


SAP uses business intelligence software to provide a dashboard with event information

Source:  SAP

Using its Business Objects business intelligence software, SAP provides a dashboard dedicated to all the teams. Sailors cannot use the tool during the race but each day, after the race, team tacticians can use video as well as the dashboard to study various metrics. Teams can gain an idea of their own race or their competitors’ performance. The platform uses two years of historic data to compare situations, tactics, sailing moves and weather. Rasmus Kostner, the Danish SAP team’s co-skipper, said: “In the Extreme Sailing Series, IT doesn’t help us during the race but as it’s a very physical sport it’s important to prepare a lot, with the best analytics and data, to improve our performance. The dashboard is key now in our organisation as we can understand various strategies, update our competitive knowledge and upgrade our experience”.

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