Rising Stars: Most Influential Women in UK IT 2013


Rising Star: Wendy Tan-White, co-founder of Moonfruit

Wendy is the co-founder of Moonfruit a UK-based web hosting company. They employ a website construction tool called SiteMaker, which is intended to make website creation simpler whilst providing complete design control to maintain well-designed websites. Moonfruit was launched in January 2000 during the dot-com bubble, and was supported entirely by advertisements.] When the bubble burst, it became a subscription-based service. Later, the company was bought out by its London-based staff.


During the judging process for the top 25 Most Influential Women in UK IT  the judges felt that a Rising Star category needed to be added so a handful of the ladies could be acknowledged for their work and their potential.

The criteria for Rising Star was: "An up-and-coming lady who did not make the top 25, but is someone who you feel is likely to be a contender to make the list next year."


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