How to configure Mac OS X Server


Configuring Mac OS X Server for the first time

Source:  Rob Buckley

In the previous article in this series, we showed you how to secure a Mac using the functions built into its operating system, OS X. These functions range from simple password protection and patch management through to full-disk encryption. However, these are not the only security functions available.

OS X has a whole security and management infrastructure available for administrators, called Managed Preferences, that can be managed most easily using OS X Server.

This article will illustrate how to get started with OS X Server security features.

Configuring Mac OS X Server for the first time

Once you have installed OS X Server, you will need to configure it. All management of services is conducted using the Server application that has been installed into your Applications folder.

The Server application can manage not just the server you have just installed, but also any other Mac that you can access on the network, so can be installed on an administration machine, for example, so that you don’t have to physically access the server.

When you launch Server, you will be walked through some of the basic steps for configuration, using the set-up assistant.


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