Video gallery: iPhone app helps travellers avoid being Eurotrash


iPhone app helps travellers avoid being Eurotrash

iPhone app helps travellers avoid being Eurotrash

The application will ensure that no visitors give the queen the V sign during the royal wedding and make sure people don’t take offence when someone in Greece imitates spitting. And did you know in Bulgaria a nod or a shake of the head can mean the opposite to the UK.


They say there is an app for everything but who would have thought there was one to stop tourists in Europe from offending their hosts.

Travel, motor, home and family insurance services provider Europ Assistance has created an app for that. The company’s Dos & Don’ts software, available on its Netglobers travel website, informs tourists in Europe about some of the habits of locals.

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Very accurate. Bars and street terraces are full of litter and people do not seem to care. If you comment on it, they will tell you that it is someone's job to sweep up. I have noticed this is more common amongst ill-educated Spanish-speaking people than amongst the Catalan population where I live.