10 robust USB drive security tools for India Inc


6. MyUSBTracker

Source:  mydevicetracker.com

While convenient, pen drives are also easily lost or stolen, and it might be a while before the owner realizes the loss. In such a scenario, MyUSBTracker comes with a unique solution with many features that can help you get your device back to you in style. 

By installing MyUSBTracker on your USB drive, you can manage all the settings according to your needs and track the location of the drive. The program gets installed in stealth mode, which makes it impossible for the thief to realize that he’s being tracked. MyUSBTracker is able to track the exact Wi-Fi location of the device based on the IP address. Neither GPS not any other external hardware is required for the tracking process. Significantly, unlike other USB device security software products, MyUSBTracker is resistant to formatting of the drive.

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