10 Indian server virtualization implementations you can learn from


Shoppers Stop’s gains from server virtualization technology

Source:  Maciek PELC

Shoppers Stop, one of the leading retail store chains in India, employed server virtualization technology to revolutionize IT as a Service delivery within the company. About three years ago, Shoppers Stop found itself facing the cumbersome need to procure and deploy hardware in a piecemeal manner whenever new requirements sprung up. It was not only a very time consuming affair but also costly.

In addition, Shoppers Stop also wanted to consolidate and create a shared service infrastructure for its three business units - Shoppers Stop, HyperCITY and Crossword. Shoppers Stop thus decided to move to the IT as a Service model and enjoy cost savings, rapid deployment capabilities and super efficiency with server virtualization technology. Shoppers Stop was awarded The Best of vForum award for this initiative, at vForum 2011. 



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