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TSB customers can use their faces to authenticate payments

Bank’s latest addition to its mobile apps is a facial recognition option for Apple iPhone X users

TSB is introducing facial recognition to its mobile banking app, offering Apple iPhone X users the opportunity to use their faces as identification.

The bank, which sees itself as a challenger in the UK, has stuck to its word by making regular additions to its mobile banking offer. This has been made possible through the core IT platform it inherited through its Spanish bank owner, Sabadell.

When Sabadell acquired TSB for £1.7bn in 2015, it announced its intention to migrate the bank to its own proprietary Proteo in-house IT platform. It said this would cut costs by £160m a year, and would provide an opportunity to build services. TSB uses a version of Proteo known as Proteo4UK.

Face ID technology is the latest development on the Proteo4UK platform, which enables the bank to make regular product and service releases.

In April this year, TSB launched the first fruits of its new core banking system with a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, developed using the Proteo4UK system.

TSB CIO Carlos Abarca said: “Digital solutions like this are playing a major role in the everyday lives of our customers – something that will not slow down, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this new technology.

“Providing customers with a biometrics logon to their mobile banking, such as Face ID, means all those passwords and memorable information become a thing of the past.”

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  • TSB customers will soon be able to access their mobile bank accounts through iris scanning, which is regarded as the most secure biometric authentication available.
  • Bank decides to delay the full customer roll-out of its new banking platform until early next year.
  • TSB is investing £250m in its digital services and branches to support its belief that customers should not have to choose between the two.

TSB’s mobile banking customers that use the latest Samsung mobile devices were recently enabled to access their accounts though an iris scanner.

“Our customers are increasingly demanding a greater user experience and we are constantly innovating to deliver this,” said Abarca. “Our new banking platform, Proteo4UK, allows us to accelerate TSB’s ability to make banking better for all UK customers. Introducing solutions such as Apple Face ID to our mobile app is just another example of what we can now deliver.”

Earlier this year, Abarca said the Proteo4UK was the start of a whole new era for TSB and would allow it to become more agile. “We will be bringing updates every month from now on, and we look forward to further improving the service we provide to customers,” he added.

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