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Australia and New Zealand IT pros on bigger salaries than UK equivalents

Aussie IT pros are better rewarded than their counterparts in the UK, according to surveys

IT professionals in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) net an average salary of between A$80,000 (£50,000) and A$150,000 (£94,000) a year, which exceeds their equivalents in the UK and Ireland, according to the TechTarget Salary Survey 2016 APAC.

The IT salary survey asked about 450 IT professionals from Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia about their earnings.

The same research in the UK and Ireland found that salaries of IT professionals there averaged between £35,000 (A$56,000) and £65,000 (A$104,000).

Salaries for ANZ IT professionals also remain stronger through their careers compared to those in the UK and Ireland. The research found that ANZ IT professionals can also expect to receive a salary of at least A$75,000 after eight years of experience, and could earn over A$125,000 after 20 years.

The APAC research also revealed that the average salary for IT professionals with less than seven years of experience was on average A$87,000 (£54,000), while those with between seven and 19 years of experience earn on average A$118,000 (£74,000). Meanwhile, people with over 20 years of experience in IT roles get A$139,000 (£87,000).

In comparison, less than seven years of experience in the UK and Ireland nets an average salary of £42,000 (A$67,000), while between seven and 19 years’ experience commands £62,000 (A$99,000). Over 20 years in IT roles gets £73,000 (A$117,000).

The research also revealed that, as IT professionals in ANZ progress, the proportion of their remuneration that is not salary increases. It found that 36% of those earning between A$175,000 and A$199,999 get over 20% of remuneration from outside salary such as bonuses, stocks and other perks.

In the UK and Ireland, 40% of the top earners get over 20% of remumeration from outside their salary.

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