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DCMS appoints director general for digital and media

Matthew Gould is taking on the role as director general for digital and media to help build “digital ecosystems” and promote innovation

The Department for Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) has appointed Matthew Gould as its director general for digital and media.

Gould, who previously served as Britain’s ambassador to Israel and launched the UK Israel tech hub, will lead the departments digital and media policy brief and work to improve the public’s digital skills and technology. 

His role also includes working on improving connectivity and infrastructure, building digital ecosystems and reducing the skills gap across the country.

With experience in a previous role leading the cyber security unit at the Cabinet Office, Gould hopes the new role will allow him to help create an “innovation-friendly and cyber-secure country”. 

Commenting on his new role, Gould said he wants Britain to be “the safest place to do business and go online”.

“If we want the UK to prosper, we need to make sure we have world-class connectivity. If we want an inclusive society, we need to tackle digital exclusion and make sure everyone has the digital skills they need,” he said.

“I’m determined to tackle these challenges to help make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a digital company.”

Gould will also be working in collaboration with Liam Maxwell, who took on the job as the government’s national technology adviser in April 2016.

Details on how the two men will work together is not yet clear, however, in his role as adviser, Maxwell, who also reports to DCMS, is responsible for co-ordinating policy and plans across Whitehall to grow the digital economy and attract tech companies and investment into the country.

This includes engaging industry leaders and helping to develop the UK’s role in emerging technologies and markets. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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