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GDS drafts new technology code of practice

The Government Digital Service (GDS) plans to update its technology code of practice and asks stakeholders for feedback

The Government Digital Service (GDS) has produced a draft version of a new technology code of practice to help departments be “smart users” of technology.

The original code of practice was written in 2013, but GDS deputy CTO Andy Beale said in a blog post that as government technology has changed and “huge progress has been made”, it was time to update it.

“Our new draft takes this progress into account, while continuing our focus on the user needs that have been at the heart of the transformation of government technology,” said Beale.

He added that the aim of the code was to provide a “clear statement of what a good approach to technology looks like” and a flexible framework to “assess technology plans against”.

GDS wants the code to encourage departments to take a more “mature approach to sourcing IT”, continue to promote both competition and diversity of tech suppliers and help people “determine the ideal target state for their technology services” and consequently make better decisions.

It also wants to promote a “more adaptive approach to technology”.

“We want government to continue to be a smarter user of technology, and to do that government needs to be a smarter customer,” said Beale.

“We also want to recognise the variety of strategic, commercial and business contexts in which government technology work happens, and enable departments and agencies to deliver great technology that meets their needs.”

GDS is also looking at the spend control process for departments and are working on how to assess departments’ technology plans. ... .... .... .... .... ...

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