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Which IT services suppliers are European businesses most satisfied with?

TCS has won top spot for European customer satisfaction for the third year running, according to Whitelane Research

Indian IT services supplier Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is judged to have provided the best customer satisfaction levels to European customers, according to the latest European outsourcing survey by Whitelane Research.

TCS had a satisfaction score of 82%, followed by Cognizant (78%), Computacenter (77%), Accenture (75%) and Tech Mahindra (74%) as the top five for cross-industry satisfaction.

TCS also came top in the manufacturing and utilities sector, but Computacenter pushed it down to second in financial services and Accenture was rated best in the public sector.

Jef Loos, head of sourcing Europe at Whitelane Research, said this is the third year running that TCS has topped the overall customer satisfaction table.

Nigel Wilson, CEO at TCS customer Legal & General, said outsourcing to TCS had helped his company cater to customer demand for digital services.

“Customers increasingly expect services through digital channels, anywhere and at any time,” he said. “This implies a very different level of capability across IT and business and we have been working on many innovative projects. Our partnership with TCS has been vital in this regard.”

The National Employment Savings Trust (Nest) has been a TCS customer since it was launched in 2012. It now has 2.8 million members and 69,000 signed-up employers.

CEO Helen Dean said the need to manage such high volumes of data in a short space of time meant Nest had to find an IT services partner. “It is vital that our IT infrastructure and digital services are able to flex and scale to meet demand as [pensions] auto-enrolment continues to roll out.

“The systems, processes and technology that TCS has developed as a pension scheme administrator have been essential to getting us to where we are today.”

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  • Indian IT suppliers are blazing a trail in the Nordic region with large deals and major local investments.
  • Organisations in Europe accounted for over half of global IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing spending in 2014.
  • Husqvarna has expanded an existing IT outsourcing agreement with Indian IT services firm.

The research – across 13 European countries, including the UK – also revealed there is an appetite for IT outsourcing among European businesses.

“The outsourcing market will continue to grow,” said Whitelane. “Some 78% of all respondents in the study confirm they will continue to outsource at the same rate or more, with 41% saying they will outsource more, indicating that the European IT outsourcing market still has significant growth potential.”

Cost reduction was a reason for outsourcing given by 64% of companies that responded, while 57% said it was to enable them to focus their own resources on core business and 47% said they were outsourcing to improve service levels.

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