eSIM Go joins GSMA as it expands global coverage

Embedded subscriber identity module provider becomes member of global mobile trade association to underline commitment to extending digital mobile ecosystem, which now covers over 1,000 networks in more than 190 countries

Looking to build momentum in the use of its embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM) solutions, eSIM Go has expanded its digital mobile ecosystem and become an industry member of global mobile trade association the GSMA.

The company’s eSIM products are designed to enable brands, communications service providers and innovators to plug mobile connectivity products and services into existing digital channels to deliver new value, improve customer experience and reduce churn while creating more routes to market and increased user touchpoints for the mobile industry.

Its products are used by global brands in travel, mobile, fintech and other industries to generate revenue and increase customer loyalty through high-quality eSIM data bundles. They are designed to enable business partners to embed eSIM capabilities into their products via application programming interfaces, co-brand a fully managed eSIM service or pursue an affiliate route.

The GSMA’s general manager of membership, Colin Bareham, welcomed eSIM Go as an industry member and said it was looking forward to its participation in GSMA working groups, communities and initiatives, such as GSMA Open Gateway.

“Organisations from across the mobile ecosystem, and industry sectors such as financial services and manufacturing, join us to move technical innovation forward and help drive growth. We look forward to supporting eSIM Go with their journey,” he said.

The GSMA deal coincides with eSIM Go expanding its activities to include Tier 1 mobile network operator (MNO) connectivity products from more than 1,000 networks in over 190 countries worldwide, including 250 5G networks and new unlimited data bundles across eSIM Go’s global footprint.

“As a member of the GSMA, we’re committed to taking a more active role in contributing to the future of our industry. eSIM Go is at the centre of an evolving digital mobile ecosystem that connects high-quality MNOs to a multitude of distribution channels, and yields net-new connections to achieve rapid growth and expedite user adoption of eSIM technology in their markets,” said eSIM Go CEO Zacchary Couldrick.

“Our founding team has been involved in GSMA activities and events since the first eSIM specification was introduced, and we look forward to strengthening ties, drawing on global expertise and collaborating more closely with the mobile industry in the years ahead,” he added.

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