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BICS partners with SaaS startup

Recently rebranded software-as-a-service customer engagement company switching up its communication partner to BICS as it looks to consolidate and expand across Europe

Global communications enabler BICS has announced a partnership with Kaisa, making it one of the primary providers of internet-based voice calls for the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

Formerly known as Freespee, Kaisa is a customer engagement platform that helps brands including Toyota, Suzuki and eBay personalise their buying journeys, particularly for longer, high-consideration sales cycles. It has a dedicated team of 75 employees and offices in Uppsala, London and Paris, serving customers in over 45 countries worldwide. 

The platform is built to facilitate larger transactions, such as buying a car, which can take several months. It automates and maintains communication between the buyer and seller, ensuring support for customers throughout the entire process.

In this journey, making and receiving phone calls is critical. For example, car dealers might need to call to arrange a test drive, or customers might want to call with queries. In practice, Kaisa enables this as part of the platform, and these voice calls are delivered via the SIP trunking process.

Because of the high volume of calls and numbers it needs to enable via the platform, Kaisa had previously worked with multiple providers in several countries. Phone numbers are provided and managed by BICS, whose global coverage is attributed with making Kaisa positioned to consolidate several of its markets, simplifying the process, providing reliable quality of service, and reducing inefficiency from matters such as unused phone numbers.

BICS also automates the setup of these voice channels. Through the MyBICS MyNumbers portal and APIs, Kaisa can be used to order new numbers for end customers and return any that are no longer being used, preventing any wasted resources.

Kaisa believes this, alongside BICS’s global footprint, will make it far easier for to expand services across new European countries. Kaisa added that using a single large-scale platform such as BICS ensures all of these new communications are regulatory compliant even as it expands into brand new countries. 

“This is an exciting time for Kaisa, which has recently rebranded and is growing its team and customer base,” said Daniel Petrell CEO at Kaisa. “This partnership with BICS is another step on this journey as it will allow us to more easily scale communications and touchpoints to our expanding customers across Europe and the world.”

“Platforms like Kaisa are designed to make communications feel effortless, but sometimes the tech under the bonnet can be a lot to manage,” added BICS chief revenue officer of enterprise, Mikael Schachne.

“With global coverage and our automated platform to set up SIP Trunking calls, BICS will make the process as seamless for Kaisa as it does for its end users. This way, they’ll be free to focus on what they do best – building better customer journeys and supporting businesses as they grow and expand.” 

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