North-west altnets celebrate growth milestone and customer experience awards

Growing influence of the alternative gigabit broadband supply sector shown as operator begins full-fibre roll-out in Wilmslow to further expand Greater Manchester network reach, while neighbouring provider marks sixth birthday with customer service awards

Already a cultural and business hub, the north-west of England is rapidly becoming a focus for the alternative fast-growing full-fibre broadband market, and in the latest landmarks in the sector, brsk has revealed significant growth in the region, which has seen its Greater Manchester full-fibre network expand across counties into neighbouring Cheshire, launching in Wilmslow, while Hale-based 4th Utility has marked its sixth birthday by winning the UK Customer Experience Awards.

Brsk’s network roll-out began in early 2021, and has since seen over 150,000 homes across South Manchester gain access to gigabit connectivity. The company said expanding into Wilmslow marked a new era for high-speed internet connectivity in the prosperous Cheshire town, providing residents and businesses with consistent and fast upload and download speeds and reliable broadband services, in addition to providing the area with a choice of suppliers. 

The launch of full-fibre broadband in Wilmslow will enable brsk to connect more than 15,000 new homes in a town where full-fibre access is currently less than 35%, according to connectivity statistics from Think Broadband for Cheshire East. 

The provider claimed deployment of full-fibre coverage across South Manchester had been so successful that it was now looking at surrounding underserved areas. It will shortly be expanding to serve even more residents across Greater Manchester, with plans to roll out gigabit connectivity in Ashton-Under-Lyne in East Manchester imminently.  

“With the success of our build across Greater Manchester over the last 18 months, we are excited to be expanding across the region and into Cheshire as we grow our footprint across the north-west of England, bringing residents a much-needed upgrade to their connectivity,” said brsk’s regional head for Manchester, Gareth Cornelius.

Just down the road from Wilmslow, 4th Utility works with landlords and developers to install and upgrade broadband in homes in urban areas, and claims to be the UK’s only provider fully focused on serving residents in apartment blocks. 

The company has just been awarded “gold’ in the “best on-site customer experience category” in the UK Customer Experience Awards, honoured for its biggest ever project to make full-fibre broadband available to an underserved area of London. The project included a dedicated on-site customer engagement strategy and overcame numerous challenges to deliver a fast, reliable service bolstered by a market-leading social tariff, aimed at helping overcome the UK’s persistent digital divide.

“We are absolutely delighted to have received such a prestigious award …. Providing outstanding support to our customers is at the heart of everything we do, and this achievement is a testament to all our hard work and dedication,” said the firm’s consumer CEO, Steve Wilson.

“The Greenwich project was a crucial step in our growth journey, but also a cornerstone for our future direction. It’s a real statement of intent – and we’re hoping to connect as many homes there by the end of the year. Looking ahead, we’ll continue to focus on serving diverse communities across the UK, aiming to make a real impact on people’s lives,” added Wilson.

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