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Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre completes contact centre upgrade

NGO dedicated to offering free-of-charge medical services to the Egyptian people chooses premise-based advanced comms platform to underpin each layer of communication at new facility

World-renowned doctor Magdi Yacoub’s Heart Foundation, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to offering free-of-charge medical services to the Egyptian people, has selected Avaya technology to power communications at its new healthcare unit being built in Cairo.

The under-construction Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre is designed to be an advanced facility that will triple the number of outpatients the foundation can serve.

Delivering the latest techniques in cardiovascular medical care, it will be able to treat up to 12,000 patients annually, enhance the treatment provided to newborns with congenital heart disease and enable telemedicine that can extend medical support across the continent.

The Avaya technology being deployed, integrated by partner Summit Technology Solutions, is intended to underpin each layer of communication at the facility.

The premise-based stack will deliver collaboration between 1,500 users – including doctors, support staff and administrative staff. At the same time, a contact centre deployment built on the same platform has been implemented to enable agents to serve patients effectively across a range of channels.

The communications service, described as being scalable and sustainable, will span the entire facility ecosystem.

When completed, with direct integration with the facility’s health information system, the comms infrastructure will be used to streamline internal communications to simplify complex processes, improve care team coordination and increase patient safety. The service will also enable the foundation’s contact centre agents to intelligently communicate with customers calling into its contact centre to drive more personalised, effective care across a variety of communications channels.

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With enhanced multi-location communications connecting the facility with the foundation’s academy, the Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre will also contribute to upskilling around 1,750 healthcare professionals.

Surgery rooms will be linked with lecture halls via video communication, to enable remote demonstrations and live teaching from across the campus. 

“Our aspiration is to help the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation scale-up operations to meet the significant, growing demand for cardiovascular treatment by those who need it most,” said Magda El-Sabee, CEO of Summit Technology Solutions. “And while the main beneficiaries of this new facility will be Egyptians, the new centre will also be able to accommodate some more of the complex cases from the MENA region, GCC and Africa. This is an exciting, humbling and important project to be a part of.”

Nidal Abou-Ltaif, senior vice-president and global head of sales at Avaya, said: “In addition to improving access to quality care, the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation is integrating research, innovation and training in a way that is unprecedented in the region. We are proud to be supporting the foundation as it expands its ability to deliver life-saving treatment.”

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