Nokia, EGC deploy first private wireless network at Kingston Freeport Terminal

Comms tech provider’s Digital Automation Cloud and MXIE services deployed at leading Caribbean port to enhance broadband connectivity, lower latency, increase predictability and provide edge computing capabilities

Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL) has announced it will deploy the first private wireless network at its container terminal in a port in the Caribbean.

KFTL described itself as a “modern and competitive” trans-shipment port serving Central America and the Caribbean. It also serves major markets on the North and South America east coasts and facilitates post-Panama vessels transiting the Panama Canal. KFTL believes its digital transformation journey has become a reference in the Americas.

The network is based on Nokia technology such as the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) and the MXIE end-to-end wireless private network and industrial digitisation platform. Both technologies will be deployed at KFTL to deliver what is intended to be industrial-grade connectivity and edge computing capabilities.

The technology is seen as being able to support a number of new use cases such critical communications support for the Terminal Operation System (TOS) and other operational systems and applications; connectivity for more than 100 vehicle mounted terminals, cranes and trucks; and the deployment of more than 100 tablets and 260 devices (push-to-talk over LTE) for staff.

Up to 1,300 devices are set to be connected, and remote operations and real-time monitoring of terminal equipment will be enabled through the port.

“We aim to go beyond our customers’ expectations in our service delivery,” said Carlos Cabrera, chief operating officer of KFTL.

“We are committed to continually improving our operations safely and keeping innovation as part of our DNA. Nokia’s LTE and 5G private wireless network is a key component of KFTL’s strategy to drive endpoint productivity and security.”

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Marcelo Entreconti, director of Nokia Enterprise for Latin America, added: “We are very pleased to collaborate with KFTL to increase its regional competitiveness. As the first private wireless network project in a Caribbean port, this deployment will benefit KFTL’s digitisation journey.”

The infrastructure was installed and will be deployed by channel partner EGC International. The company’s CEO, Victor Agnellini, described the project as representing a new era of connectivity at KFTL.

“Our commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with Nokia’s expertise for cutting-edge networking solutions,” he said. “This partnership will empower the terminal with advanced technology, optimising operations and ensuring seamless communication for all stakeholders.”

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