USDM Life Sciences grants Cloud Assurance Certification to PTC AR design kit

As it ramps up its foray into immersive technologies, engineering tech company sees AR development kit gain certification from compliance firm, allowing users to generate audit-ready documents to serve as regulatory evidence

Regulatory compliance technology consulting firm USDM Life Sciences has successfully completed its Cloud Assurance Certification Program for the Vuforia Expert Capture service from PTC.

At its annual user group meeting in May 2023, setting out the steps it intends to take to support customers through the demands of the next generation of digital transformation, PTC said it had found itself in one of the greatest periods of change for industrial companies that it could recall, and that it was on a “pioneering role” to bring its industry to the software-as-a-service [SaaS] era.

Part of this is the deployment of the Vuforia Expert Capture offering, described as an easy-to-use software-as-augmented-reality (AR) product designed to make frontline work more efficient, addressing key use cases across enterprises.

Vuforia AR content creation tools see use by those seeking to address skills gaps, streamline manufacturing processes, improve training and service efficiency, or customise marketing and sales efforts.

Cloud Assurance Certification provides life science companies with audit-ready documentation, including a Vendor Assurance Report and a Vendor Audit, to use as regulatory evidence.

By completing the USDM Life Sciences Cloud Assurance Certification Program – involving assessment and remediation to meet thousands of global regulatory requirements – PTC Vuforia users won’t need to run their own validation tests, which will save them time and money and lessen their validation burden.

This, said PTC and USDM, creates a win-win situation for everyone involved: PTC’s customers can concentrate on using AR technology, PTC can develop breakthrough software, and USDM can take care of automating and optimising validation while ensuring compliance.

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John Petrakis, vice-president of Cloud Assurance at USDM Life Sciences, said: “This is a significant milestone for us as we continue to establish USDM as a trusted advisor for global life science companies and Cloud Assurance Certification becomes the industry’s gold standard.

“PTC is a renowned provider of innovative solutions for the pharmaceuticals industry, and we are honoured to support them on their compliance journey,” he said. “Obtaining Cloud Assurance Certification will allow them to focus on providing their customers with cutting-edge software and not worry about investing additional time and money into validation.”

JJ Lechleiter, general manager of Vuforia at PTC, added: “With the Cloud Assurance Certification, we make it easier for our customers to leverage AR solutions in regulated markets. Audit-ready documentation from USDM helps life sciences companies to use validated procedures from our Expert Capture SaaS solution.”

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