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RAKwireless brings private 5G core closer to business

LoRa/IoT technology developer launches what it calls world’s first small cell with integrated core network featuring 5G and LTE radio, LTE/5G core network, and edge computing capabilities

Private mobile networks based on 5G new radio (NR) are thriving, and in a bid to bring the benefits of private networks for businesses of any size, RAKwireless has launched All-in-one 5G.

On the back of receiving $10m as part of a Series A round, led by Hong Kong NWS Holding, network software, hardware and management systems provider RAKwireless is making the 5G service available to system integrators and enterprises.

All-in-one 5G is described as a 5G-in-a-box hotspot that features a 5G and LTE radio, LTE/5G core network, and edge computing, all built into a single small-cell package.

It’s designed to bring core network processing closer to the network edge than ever before, offering what is claimed to be “ultra-low” latency and reliability, and providing a platform for businesses to “innovate” with new network applications. It’s said to be designed for organisations that want to be able to innovate with 5G and not just use it as a passive network.

The All-in-one 5G small cells support CBRS spectrum, which, said RAKwireless, means any business can quickly deploy a cellular network without the need to acquire licensed spectrum.

The offering is also claimed to be the first small cell that can deliver 5G NR, LTE, LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi 6 to support the broad connectivity requirements of any business. Delivered in a small-form factor, it comes with a single cable that both powers the small cell and connects to a local network and the internet.

The network core uses Magma, the open-source Linux Foundation project that supports 4G, 5G non-standalone and 5G standalone core network applications. If an enterprise requires more comprehensive core network functionalities, the device can also connect to carrier-grade core networks, offered by third parties such as AWS and Monogoto.

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RAKwireless emphasised that currently, only a very limited number of small cells offer integration with AWS, and that it has made such capability easier than ever before, enabling developers to create new network applications for their businesses. RAKwireless added that developers can leverage the open source community to gain insights from other developers and help optimise and accelerate the development of network applications.

“Businesses want to deploy 5G NR to benefit from the low-latency, reliability and programmability the networks can offer,” said RAKwireless CEO Ken Yu. “All-in-one 5G makes it easier than ever before for businesses to install, run and manage a private network, with a single piece of technology for the small cell and core network.

“Featuring plug-and-play self-organising network capabilities, planning, configuration, management and optimisation of the network is straightforward,” he said. “Companies that are looking at the properties of 5G are also typically those that are keen to innovate and deploy new IoT technology to improve operations and better serve their customers.

“All-in-one 5G will foster a culture of knowledge sharing using open source and the open APIs [application programming interfaces] available across the developer community to bring the potential of 5G to life.”

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