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Globe Telecom claims improved connectivity with MatSing lens antennas

Philippines MNO announces first mobile network deployment of lens antenna technology in Southeast Asia designed to deliver improved 4G/LTE and 5G mobile capacity

As 5G networks are increasingly deployed and used, the quality of mobile experience has become more critical, leading to innovation in the 5G technology ecosystem. In the latest example of this, high-capacity lens antenna provider MatSing has announced a successful pilot deployment of its technology with Globe Telecom, a leading mobile network operator (MNO) in the Philippines.

Founded in 2005, MatSing has developed and patented new meta-materials to create what it believes are the world’s first lightweight and multibeam lens antennas. The company claims its approach for high-performance, high-capacity antenna design is more efficient and offers key advantages over traditional antennas. These include the ability to provide broadband coverage, emit and maintain multiple beams, and do so cleanly with minimal RF interference.

The company adds that nationwide coverage isn’t the only critical challenge facing telecoms companies. It regards its lens antenna solution as ideal for meeting the capacity demands of outdoor events and stadiums and for macro uses in cities, suburbs and rural areas.

Each antenna can provide multiple independent sectors, up to 48, providing the highest capacity across multiple bands with the fewest antennas possible. Moreover, MatSing sees its lens technology as the perfect fit for 4G LTE and 5G mobile broadband coverage, and it is the most cost-effective network densification tool in the industry.

Beginning in September 2021, the pilot service for Globe Telecom used MatSing’s patented multi-beam and multi-band lens antennas and is said to have delivered improved network coverage, higher capacity and increased throughput. Indeed, select performance metrics observed on the Globe trial network, attributable to MatSing lens antennas, include: 8.36x improved coverage with stronger and wider LTE signals; 7.92x increased average download user throughput; 3.1x greater traffic volume and network usage; and 2.67x enhanced network quality and mobile data connections.

With the network build-out ongoing, Globe has expressed its intent to deploy the solution in areas hosting major events and in key pilot sites within the Visayas and Mindanao region.

“Globe is always a pioneer in adopting new technologies for its customers. The lens antenna technology is another major milestone in Globe’s efforts to provide reliable and high-quality mobile connectivity,” said Gerhard Tan, head of network strategy and technology enablement at Globe, commenting on the trial and its results.

“We are thrilled with the results of the pilot deployment and are excited to continue working with MatSing to bring this innovation to our network on a larger scale,” Tan added.

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