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Top 10 ASEAN IT stories of 2022

Despite the challenges over the past year, ASEAN businesses have taken things in stride as they press on with digital transformation, whether it is empowering citizen developers or building cloud-native applications

2022 was a tumultuous year for the global economy. The ongoing war in Ukraine, escalating energy prices, geopolitical tensions and supply chain pressure have had an impact on businesses around the world.

Despite the challenges, those in ASEAN have taken things in stride as they press on with digital transformation, whether it is empowering citizen developers or building cloud-native applications.

The vendor community has been responding to changes in the technology landscape as well with a number of notable mergers and acquisitions that are set to change the face of the industry.

We have been on the ground over the past year, covering these developments to help our readers make sense of what’s going on and learn from the successes of others as they embark on their own transformation journey.

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 ASEAN IT stories of 2022.

1. VMware CEO defends Broadcom deal

Raghu Raghuram is confident that Broadcom will invest in growing VMware through a broad portfolio of assets that will serve its entire customer base, not just its biggest customers.

2. Top three questions about the Log4j vulnerability

Ensign Infosecurity answers the top three questions about the impact of the Log4j vulnerability.

3. How Pfizer is leveraging technology in healthcare

Pfizer uses predictive modelling to recruit patients for clinical trials and supercomputers to identify candidate molecules that go into antiviral drugs, among other technology use cases.

4. How AWS is tapping the groundswell in cloud adoption

Phil Davis, managing director of Amazon Web Services in Asia-Pacific and Japan, talks up the company’s growth strategy and how it is retaining customers amid rivals nipping at its heels.

5. How Endowus is leveraging Kafka and microservices

The Singapore-based financial technology company built a distributed microservices architecture to ensure its investment platform remains resilient at all times.

6. Inside Bukalapak’s cloud strategy

Indonesian e-commerce unicorn Bukalapak’s multicloud strategy, underpinned by the use of microservices and DevOps, has enabled it to meet the diverse needs of its users while addressing business requirements.

7. How Mondelez is driving change with tech

From empowering citizen developers to deploying drones to monitor the health of cocoa trees, Mondelez has been firing on all cylinders to disrupt the old ways of doing things.

8. Inside UnaBiz’s bid for Sigfox

Singapore-based UnaBiz has made a successful bid for the French low-power wide-area network technology supplier, in a deal that will advance its vision of a unified internet of things (IoT) world.

9. How FinOps can rein in cloud costs

More organisations are warming to FinOps to keep escalating cloud costs in check, amid the growing usage of public cloud services.

10. How TDCX is building a people-centric business

Every digital tool deployed by the Singapore-based services firm is aimed at augmenting the performance and experience of its employees, says TDCX’s group CIO, Byron Fernandez.

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