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Renault confirms Google as preferred cloud partner

French motor manufacturer is extending the reach of its long-standing technology collaboration with Google by naming the firm as its preferred cloud partner

Renault Group has named Google as its preferred cloud partner, as part of an announcement about the pair’s plans to extend the reach of the multi-year cloud deal they signed in 2020.

As reported by Computer Weekly at the time, Renault turned to Google Cloud to help it bolster the efficiency and future development of its in-house data aggregation platform, which it uses to connect and collect digital information from more than 2,500 machines scattered across 22 of its firm’s global sites.

It also said it would be drawing on Google’s expertise to help upskill its in-house technology staff through the provision of cloud-focused training and enablement programmes.

The pair have now confirmed that their technology tie-up is expanding, and entering a phase geared towards accelerating the pace of Renault Group’s digital transformation efforts, which includes moving its entire operational model to the cloud.

“Our strategic partnership with Google will allow us to accelerate our end-to-end digital transformation, from the design of the car to its market launch through its production, and ultimately to bring added value to our customers,” said Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo.

“With Google, we are going beyond mere cooperation: a software champion and a mobility champion are joining forces to create game-changing technologies.”

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To this point, the pair will work together to help Renault deliver on its software-defined vehicle (SDV) strategy, which will see the two entities collaborate on a series of projects designed to roll out new in-car services to its customers at a quicker pace than ever before.

“The complexity of the electronic architecture of cars is increasing exponentially, driven by the sophistication of the functionalities and services expected by customer,” said De Meo.

“Equipped with a shared IT platform, continuous over-the-air updates and streamlined access to car data, the SDV approach developed in partnership with Google will transform our vehicles to help serve future customers’ needs,” he added.

“This will increase residual value and after-sales retention, which are two key drivers of our financial performance, and help Renault to roll out our portfolio of new services.”

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said the pair’s collaboration has already given Renault a slew of benefits, including lower operating costs and improved efficiency, which is why it’s now the firm’s preferred cloud partner.

“Our collaboration with Renault Group has improved comfort, safety and connectivity on the road,” he said. “Today’s announcement will help accelerate Renault Group’s digital transformation by bringing together our expertise in the cloud, AI and Android to provide for a secure, highly personalised experience that meets customers’ evolving expectations.”

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