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Singtel and Intel team up on 5G

Singtel and Intel have started an incubation programme to spearhead the development of enterprise 5G applications in areas including content delivery and video analytics

Singtel has teamed up with Intel on an incubation programme to spur the development of 5G applications in areas such as video analytics, content delivery and mixed reality.

As part of the collaboration, Intel will supply its upcoming fourth-generation Xeon Scalable processors, codenamed Sapphire Rapids, and datacentre graphics processing units (GPUs), codenamed Ponte Vecchio, which will power 5G applications running on Singtel’s Paragon multi-access edge compute (MEC) platform.

Singtel is counting on its Paragon MEC platform to stand out in the enterprise market for 5G services as deployment of the next-generation mobile network ramps up in Singapore and the region.

With latency performance of under 10ms, Paragon is touted to provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity along with edge cloud services that will enable enterprises to run data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) applications at the edge.

Bill Chang, Singtel’s CEO for group enterprise and datacentre business, said that through the partnership, the two companies will collectively bring their “knowledge, expertise, assets and ecosystem to help address business needs, improve operational efficiencies, unlock new opportunities and advance in a 5G world”.

Trials that leverage technologies from Intel and Singtel under the incubation programme are already underway. In content delivery, for example, the two companies managed to reduce the time needed to load videos by up to 46% compared with 4G with public cloud.

Singtel said the content delivery offering will soon be launched commercially and be beneficial in use cases such as digital twins, mixed reality, cloud gaming and the metaverse.

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Other ongoing trials include a video analytics application, a mixed reality application for real-time collaboration and a liquid cooling project that has lowered CPU temperature by 11.8 degrees Celsius at Singtel edge sites.

Christoph Schell, executive vice-president and chief commercial officer at Intel, said: “As enterprises navigate significant digital transformation, technologies like 5G, edge, AI and cloud play a key role in helping to deliver new use cases.

“Our collaboration with Singtel will help accelerate use of these technologies to solve real business challenges, by utilising our unique combination of hardware and software spanning Xeon, GPUs, Smart Edge, OpenVino and more, and also a broad portfolio of ecosystem innovations.”

Intel has been pushing deeper into the enterprise in recent years, with investments in data-centric and emerging technologies such as silicon photonics and neuromorphic computing. On the software front, it has developed the OpenVino toolkit, which facilitates the deployment of deep learning models and computer vision workloads on Intel hardware.

Singtel and Intel called for technology providers with “cutting-edge 5G applications” to join the incubation programme and conduct trials to provide companies with a broader range of enterprise 5G capabilities.

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