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Singtel’s Paragon platform to ease edge computing deployments

Singtel’s new software platform is touted to make it easier for enterprises to deploy edge computing applications on its multi-access edge computing platform

Singapore telco Singtel has developed a new software platform that it claims will make it easier for enterprises to deploy edge computing applications on its multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform.

Dubbed Paragon, the platform enables enterprises to tap Singtel’s 5G network to activate network slices on demand and access partner applications in areas such as logistics management and augmented reality.

Singtel said Paragon was built to ease the challenges of deploying and managing edge computing applications. For example, a drone operator would have to contact Singtel’s support team to provision higher bandwidth during a flight, but the operator can do so instantly through Paragon.

Network slicing, which can take weeks to acquire and set up, can also be provisioned almost instantly, and as many times as needed. To optimise cost, enterprises can also use a network slice only when needed and for the intended duration.

Singtel said this will significantly reduce the complexity and time needed to adopt MEC and low-latency applications and services, lowering the barriers to adoption and enabling quicker deployment while removing operational and cost overheads.

“Many enterprises are undergoing rapid digitisation while exploring and developing tailored 5G solutions for deployment in their industries,” said Bill Chang, CEO of group enterprise at Singtel.

“We understand the challenges and complexities that they face in managing the various networks, edge cloud applications and services with the required cyber security, resiliency and demanding service assurances required, cost-effectively.

“Paragon was conceived, developed and delivered to help enterprises meet these needs through a single platform.”

During a media briefing, Singtel executives demonstrated the ease of deploying a fleet management application powered by Solace, an event streaming platform. Upon paying for Solace, the application was deployed instantly through a dashboard.

Besides Solace, other applications, such as mixed reality, metaverse-based simulations and smart warehouse management, are also available through the Paragon Marketplace.

Paragon comes hot on the heels of Singtel’s earlier investments in its MEC platform to stand out in the enterprise market for 5G services, as deployment of the next-generation mobile network ramps up in Singapore and across the region.

Also known as the telco edge, MEC typically integrates 5G’s ultra-low latency and high-bandwidth capabilities with hybrid cloud capabilities provided by hyperscale cloud suppliers.

Singtel’s MEC platform supports deployments of AWS Outposts, which can be accessed from the closest Singtel site to help businesses operate their applications that use AWS tools and require ultra-low-latency data processing.

Microsoft Azure customers will also be able to leverage their existing Azure subscriptions in Singtel’s MEC platform and use the Azure portal to deploy 5G applications at the edge.

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