Netskope focuses on network transformation with ‘elite’ advisory group

Network technologies provider announces formation of Network Visionaries group featuring former AWS, Crowdstrike execs to offer cloud, hyperscale, security and networking expertise

Aiming to offer insight on the critical role network transformation plays in application, data and security transformation as modern enterprises embrace hybrid work, security service edge (SSE) and zero-trust technologies provider Netskope has announced the formation of a new advisory group.

Outlining the background to establishing the group, Netskope said enterprises were rapidly adopting secure access service edge (SASE) infrastructures and applying zero-trust principles to safeguard data wherever it moves, support digital transformation efforts and right-size their technology infrastructure.

The company cited Gartner research showing that b​y 2025, at least 60% of enterprises will have explicit strategies and timelines for SASE adoption encompassing user, branch and edge access, up from 10% in 2020. 

Yet Netskope warned that SASE as a concept would not succeed without transforming the underlying network and incorporating key infrastructure elements such as edge compute and network peering.

It argued that positioning data-centric security as close to the user as possible, with fast low-latency on-ramps, efficient traffic processing, and optimised access to the applications and content that matter most to enterprises – all without degrading performance – was key to a SASE-ready architecture. 

To assist enterprises with this transition, the new Netskope Network Visionaries advisory team will focus on providing insights on the most important issues and key challenges affecting networking and infrastructure leaders; evangelising what the company sees as the critical role of network architecture, design and performance in successful SASE and security service edge (SSE) implementations; identifying and sharing customer and industry best practices for SASE and zero trust; influencing the strategic direction of Netskope and its product roadmap to ensure tight alignment with network transformation and the mission of enterprise networkers.

Inaugural members include industry veterans Elaine Feeney – previously vice-president of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure Global Expansion, responsible for expanding AWS’ worldwide datacentre facilities and network infrastructure – and Alan Hannan – currently an advisor to Crowdstrike, where he previously served as vice-president of technical operations and engineering, who will work closely with Netskope and its customers on the networking and infrastructure investments required on-premise and in the cloud to support the requirements of a SASE architecture.

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“Success in SASE happens when enterprises also prioritise network performance and architecture,” said Hannan. “Netskope recognised early on that these things matter. I’m very excited to support the next stage of its journey.”

“We bet on building the world’s most well-connected network, NewEdge, back when the industry was still looking at us as ‘only’ a security vendor,” said Joe DePalo, senior vice-president for platform engineering at Netskope, commenting on the setting up of the new body.

“We are honoured to welcome top-calibre industry talent in Elaine and Alan as Netskope network visionaries, joining our distinguished roster of networking experts to help enterprises at every stage of a successful SASE journey.” 

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