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Nour Global deploys SD-WAN for agile, bespoke networking for MENA enterprises

Global connectivity and ICT service provider launches multi-supplier software-defined wide area network to create what it says will be a bespoke networking service for enterprises across the Middle East and North Africa

Dubai-based connectivity and ICT service provider Nour Global is combining its Global Internet underlay network with a suite of managed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) services to give enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa new choice with bespoke next-generation networking services.

Nour claims to be a local regional leader in SD-WAN and one of the first in its region to offer SD-WAN offerings as early as 2018. Nour’s multi-supplier managed SD-WAN service is based on partnerships with Cisco Meraki, Cisco SD-WAN, Fortinet and VMWare, providing different flavours of SD-WAN to enterprises.

Nour believes its offering gives its customers increased choice when expanding and transforming their network services, offering a single platform for connecting, optimising, securing and accelerating applications and services across MENA. It has more than 20 points of presence (PoPs) spanning markets from Morocco to Oman.

“Enterprises across MENA are rapidly transforming their approach to networking, and we are offering them increased choice when adopting an SD-WAN solution,” said Amjad Hafez, CEO at Nour Global. “They trust our network and our customer experience, and now they can seamlessly adopt the SD-WAN solution that best meets their needs.

“Not all SD-WAN solutions are the same. This why we’ve developed a multi-vendor approach that really puts control in the hands of our enterprise customers, from the development phase through to deployment and management.”     

Nour Global also believes that it is simplifying the ICT ecosystem in the MENA region by aligning networking with business objectives and taking the complexity out of regional deployments.

Its managed ICT offerings offer an end-to-end approach to SD-WAN, SASE, GMPLS, global internet, cloud connectivity, application hosting and cyber security. Its platform provides direct connectivity to Azure, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office 365, Google Cloud and Salesforce, as well as on-premise datacentres and private clouds.

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As it was announcing the SD-WAN offer, Nour also noted that it was accelerating its growth with new wins among EMEA enterprises, and helping them to efficiently expand their presence in the MENA region. It said it would be announcing a series of enterprise wins, partnerships and network expansions over the next 12 months.

“SD-WAN is the future for networking across MENA,” said Hafez. “Whether it is a European bank expanding across the region or a local healthcare innovator going global, we can help them connect and optimise their applications.

“We aren’t tied to one vendor, networking technology or approach. We find the best solution to meet your local and global networking and business goals.”

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