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Batelco claims Bahrain first with 400G international capacity

Optical network technology supplier inks deal with leading telco provider in Bahrain to deliver 400G capacity high-speed connectivity as part of initiative to upgrade internet service in the country

After a series of investments in subsea cables, and now boasting a single seamless network spanning over 1,400km that connects the Gulf region to the Middle East and the rest of the world, leading Bahrain operator Batelco has announced the launch of Bwave, a wavelength service of 400G capacity high-speed connectivity, quadrupling its current service proposition.

In May 2023, Batelco’s parent company, Beyon, announced an investment of more than $250m in digital infrastructure to support the acceleration of Bahrain’s digital transformation and the growth of the country’s digital economy. Batelco has also invested in a regional subsea cable, Al Khaleej, extending from Bahrain to other regional countries, including Oman, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The fully owned subsea cable is designed to enhance the region’s data exchange, help diversify routes and augment international connectivity for the region.

Bwave is designed to address the need of the exponential growth in data demand, and to make it possible, Batelco collaborated with technology provider Ciena to elevate its solutions capabilities and provide faster connectivity and higher capacities to customers, which include wholesale providers, internet service providers, hyperscalers, enterprises, datacentre operators, enterprises and content providers.

Batelco said its investment in the new technology had successfully increased its data capacity by 400%, with the expansion allowing for a substantial increase in bandwidth, enabling users to enjoy faster speeds, smoother streaming, enhanced productivity and an improved overall online experience. The operator said customers could also benefit from multi-terabit connectivity with what it believes is cost-effective pricing.

“We were pleased to attend Capacity Europe, and announce our latest service Bwave, which runs over the BGN, Batelco’s Gulf Network. We are continuously enhancing our existing capabilities whilst also investing in new infrastructure. By expanding our capabilities on the BGN and leveraging our strong partnership with Ciena, we are now the first provider in Bahrain to provide 400G capacity with the Bwave service,” said Batelco chief global business officer Hani Askar.

“Batelco is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and meeting the evolving needs of its customers. This move reflects the company’s strategic plans to enhance its connectivity capabilities and offer best-in-class customer experience, to empower individuals and businesses and help them thrive in an increasingly connected world,” added Askar.

“The announcement builds on recent investments in the regional Sea-Me-We-6 and Al Khaleej subsea cables and the advanced Beyon Data Oasis datacentre, which help drive the acceleration of Bahrain’s digital transformation and the growth of the country’s digital economy.”

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