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Nordic colocation firm atNorth claims to have opened Sweden’s first large-scale HPC hub

Nordic colocation firm atNorth claims to have pulled off a country first by opening a renewbly-powered HPC datacentre hub in Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic datacentre operator atNorth claims to have built Sweden’s first large-scale server farm dedicated to hosting compute-intensive high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

The operator, which has sites in Iceland, said its new datacentre in Kista, Stockholm is specifically designed to cater for users with high-density, artificial intelligence, data simulation and risk analysis workloads.

The renewably-powered site will span a total of 6,400 square metres and boast 11MW of IT capacity once complete, with the operator claiming it has been built to ensure it has the smallest carbon footprint possible.

It also comes equipped with a heat recovery system that will enable all the residual warm air generated by the equipment inside to be recycled and redistributed through a local district heating system to up to 20,000 apartments in the local area.

“The new datacentre uses efficient heat recovery for both air-cooled and liquid-cooled IT infrastructures,” said the company, in a statement. “The new site operates on 100% renewable energy, making it extremely energy efficient. This directly aligns to atNorth’s continued commitment to sustainability and overarching contribution to circular economy principles in the datacentre industry.”
The site is the first atNorth has opened in Sweden, which has – along with several other Nordic countries – emerged as a popular location for operators to build datacentres in recent years, due to its abundance of readily available, lower-cost renewable power.

There has also been a push for enterprises to consider relocating their energy-intensive HPC workloads to the region for this reason.

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The country is also one of a number in the region to push through electricity-related tax breaks in recent years, designed to make it a more appealing place for hyperscale datacentre firms to set up shop.

Stefan Jofors-aTribe, atNorth’s Nordic sales director, said: “Data-driven businesses require a new type of datacentre. We will be the first colocation player in the Nordics to build a facility fully equipped for high-capacity services from the start.

“The choice of Stockholm and surrounding Sweden is strategic, with its access to renewable energy, great connectivity and an infrastructure that allows us to deliver our services with high precision to customers both in and outside the Nordic region.”

The site’s opening has also won the support of the Mayor of Stockholm, who said datacentres have an important role to play in the country’s overall business ecosystem.

“Datacentres are necessary whenever we use digital services, mobile apps or conduct digital meetings. We are pleased with atNorth’s choice to establish itself in Stockholm, as we actively work to show hospitality to innovative companies that create value for the region.”

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