Qualcomm expands IoT-as-a-service vertical reach

End-to-end service offering grows to more than 30 verticals in less than a year as comms tech provider reveals latest internet of things-as-a-service applications

Addressing a gathering of members of its digital transformation ecosystem, Qualcomm Technologies has revealed that in a year since launching its internet of things-as-a-service (IoTaaS) offering, it has reached more than 30 smart verticals and introduced an enhanced platform to support the latest IoTaaS applications.

Qualcomm said the growth exemplified how such technologies are critical to enabling the global digital transformation of industries with a differentiated approach that leverages the growing number of smart devices that make up the connected intelligent edge.

Qualcomm said that adopting IoTaaS enables streamlined, end-to-end solutions, reducing processes that previously took months or years to a matter of weeks. Ultimately, it added, this will support roll-out with faster time to commercialisation and provides increased accessibility to smart solutions and infrastructure for businesses and communities.

Its IoT Services Suite began as intelligent solutions for smart cities and has evolved into a digital transformation offering, enabling adopters to create self-sustaining revenue models by monetising their own smart systems and proliferating the digitisation of industries.

The enhanced platform has seen the introduction of improved features to deliver additional capabilities, including: drag-and-drop deployment with low-code development; automated device onboarding and management; streamlined device configuration and customisable user interface; integrated standard operating procedures workflow; and edge-artificial intelligence and cloud integration enabling scalability and efficiency.

The latest vertical tools include: inspection as-a-service, providing the ability to detect incidents on construction sites and deploy roof top inspection, safety and security missions as a first responder, providing emergency response and support for natural disasters and others with FlightOps; smart asset management-as-a-service, which is designed to deliver specialised systems for supply chain visibility, transforming the asset management experience by improving tracking, compliance and efficiency with Tag N Trac; traffic management-as-a-service which is designed to visualise how cities plan, control and adapt the flow and movement of traffic on their streets and improves the commuting and driving experience for all road users, traffic signal optimisation for reduced congestion and improved safety, and event and emergency notification and pre-emptions with NoTraffic; and smart venues-as-a-service, which utilises a lidar-based safety and security system that adheres to the privacy concerns and optimises the utilisation of space with The Indoor Labs.

Tal Kreisler, co-founder and CEO of NoTraffic, said: “Working with cities and traffic agencies throughout the US and Canada on their urban mobility challenges, we see immediate improvements in their key metrics –such as delay times, CO2 pollution and safety, not to mention the residents’ satisfaction.

“The collaboration with Qualcomm gives us access to innovative technology on the one hand, and to strategic, mobility-focused initiatives on the other hand, generating a win-win-win scenario in the IoTaaS domain. Qualcomm connected vehicle communications technology is a fundamental component of the NoTraffic autonomous traffic management platform.”

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