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Hyperoptic selects EXFO to accelerate fibre net deployment

As it embarks upon a nationwide expansion of network, the fast-growing UK gigabit broadband provider enters into partnership to obtain network testing technology to guarantee buildout optimisation

In a bid to support what it describes as its ambitious expansion plan across the country, and in particular ensure that it works on a first-time-right basis, UK full-fibre broadband provider Hyperoptic has deployed advanced network testing technology from EXFO.

Part of the ever-advancing army of UK altnets that have driven the rapid expansion of fibre broadband in the UK, Hyperoptic was founded in 2011 with the express intention to “shake up” the UK broadband market with its full-fibre optic technology.

The company works with property owners, developers and professionals, designing and installing dedicated fibre infrastructure to new buildings and existing developments. It focuses exclusively on high density urban areas, and offers consumers and businesses gigabit-capable broadband with average speeds of up to 900Mbps, which it says is over 11x faster than the UK average.

Hyperoptic installs and maintains its own dedicated fibre optic network, servicing multi-dwelling units through to single houses across over 40 UK towns and cities, and it is expanding its footprint via its partnerships with over 250 developers and 50 councils.

However, it accepts that deployments of this scale require an approach that is focused on both a fast and high-quality roll-out, meaning a first-time-right build is essential for foundational network infrastructure.

Hyperoptic also belies that such an approach also mitigates a major challenge to bottom lines in the form of costly return visits to fix connection problems.

Indeed, in making its case, Hyperoptic quoted Omdia research showing that such additional truck rolls more than double testing costs.

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Aiming to eliminate such expenditures for the provider, EXFO said that with its cloud-based Nova Fibre solution, it can not only equip Hyperoptic to build its network right the first time, it will also allow the service provider’s technical teams to detect and fix common issues at a single point of intervention in the network, with just one truck roll.

“Hyperoptic needed world-class testing for a world-class broadband network. As with all our customers, we were committed to working closely with Hyperoptic to adapt our solutions to its unique ecosystem,” said Wim te Niet, vice-president of sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at EXFO.

“Nova Fibre leverages EXFO’s 35 years of fibre optic testing expertise, providing unmatched visibility into the quality of the build,” he said. “This view is especially critical when service providers partner with contractors. And once the network is built, Hyperoptic will be able to remedy any issues in the network with one quick sweep.”

John Rich, head of test and diagnostics at Hyperoptic, added: “We are delighted to partner with EXFO, a company as completely fixated on quality as we are. Building it right the first time with high-tech network testing means we will not only serve today’s customers, but generations to come.

“EXFO’s Nova Fibre technology is the best of both worlds in that it is an off-the-shelf solution that is also highly flexible and customisable to our exacting needs, tailored to our engineers’ existing applications.”

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