Zzoomm brings full-fibre broadband service to Cannock

Work starts to provide broadband speeds claimed to be up to 33 times faster than major broadband providers to more than 37,000 homes and businesses in Staffordshire town

Building on the completion of its full-fibre broadband network in Henley-on-Thames in 2020, as well as other build-outs in Hereford, Ascot and Thirsk, upstart UK full-fibre provider Zzoomm has announced that construction will start this summer on its next gigabit network in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Zzoomm is one of the growing number of altnets riding the wave of fibre deployment that has taken place since March 2020 when, said the company citing research, working from home rocketed by an average of 47%, highlighting the critical need for fast, reliable broadband. It noted this had put networks under strain from massive increases in applications such as group Facetimes and Zoom gatherings, broadcasting live sports, online gaming, setting up online businesses and 4K UHD streaming.

In short, Zzoomm said that with digital lifestyles continuing to expand, the need for an “uncompromising fast and reliable broadband connection” was vital.

Zzoomm’s full-fibre services will provide Cannock with a faster network. Home users can choose to download speeds of between 100Mbps and 2000Mbps, said to be up to 33 times faster than traditional broadband offerings, while businesses can choose download speeds of up to 10GMbps.

The broadband provider said it has always considered Cannock a strategically important town, both as a well-established construction hub and as a growing scientific industry to power the UK’s business development.

Zzoomm will begin construction in 2021, with the new full-fibre network planned to reach more than 37,000 homes and businesses. Zzoomm will set up a local operation to deliver this network, the construction of which is set to provide career opportunities for more than 100 people in civil construction and administration.

Commenting on what the roll-out means for the company, Zzoomm chief executive Matthew Hare said the construction of the network in Cannock represented a watershed. “For the first time, homes and businesses in Cannock will have a choice of network. And what a choice: brilliant full-fibre for fast, reliable broadband at home and at work,” he said.

“We cannot wait to bring our Zzoomm service to the residents and business owners in Cannock who have had to endure slow and unreliable connections and questionable customer service for too long. Lockdown has accelerated the move to more flexible working arrangements. It has boosted our demand for online entertainment and distance learning. Zzoomm’s new full-fibre network delivers for residents and businesses. It will help catapult Cannock to the forefront of the best-connected towns in the North, the UK and the world.”

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