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CCS to launch £750m pan-government cloud computing services framework

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) aims for the framework agreement to make it easier for public sector to buy scalable cloud hosting

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is launching a £750m cloud utility framework that will allow public sector buyers to procure cloud capacity directly from suppliers.

The aim is for the framework to “complement G-Cloud 12 (and all future interactions of G-Cloud) by providing a route to market that fulfils large-scale, proprietary cloud computing requirements”, according to CCS.

CCS aims to launch the framework in spring 2021, and suppliers have until 14 January 2021 to participate in the tender.

The scope of the framework is restricted to pure cloud compute requirements, and not those requiring additional services, the tender document said.

“The services can most simply and usefully be thought of as a commodity ‘utility’ service where buyers connect to and use the supplier’s platform and processing resources for their own requirements, subject to acceptable use policies and compliance with law,” it said.

“Examples could include the development of new software applications or to manipulate large sets of data such as weather prediction or modelling medical scenarios, and particularly the ability for the services to be rapidly scalable at short notice.”

CCS wants to use the framework to make it easier and quicker to define contract-specific terms, as well as offer flexibility in the services offered by suppliers.

It will be used by a range of public sector buyers, including central government departments, NHS and local authorities. The initial call-off term on the contracts will be up to three years, with two possible extensions of up to 12 months each.

“This framework agreement will offer self-serve functionality to buyers with the protection of appropriate and robust contract conditions which have been specially developed for this purpose,” the tender document said.

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