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Nokia enables global enterprise IoT connectivity for China Mobile

Comms tech giant and leading Chinese operator reach strategic agreement to provide IoT global connectivity services for both China and international customers based on Worldwide IoT Network Grid managed service, expanding operator’s capability

The internet of things (IoT) has rapidly grown from local to global. In the latest example of the worldwide phenomenon, China Mobile IoT (CMIoT), a subsidiary of the China Mobile Communications Corporation, has selected Nokia to ensure delivery of IoT connectivity and services to CMIoT’s customers across its domestic arena and the international markets.

The partnership will see CMIoT expand its international OneLink IoT capabilities, which will be underpinned by Nokia’s Worldwide IoT Network Grid (Wing) managed service.

Wing’s connectivity management platform is said to be designed to deliver real-time visibility for IoT devices and services unfettered by traditional boundaries and limitations. It is intended to help operators capture early IoT market share without having to invest in infrastructure by offering a pay-as-you-go business model that allows faster, cost-effective scaling of 5G IoT services.

With Wing innovations, Nokia said operators could serve their enterprise customers with ultra-low latency, high security and enhanced throughput. As a result, it said operators would be able to deploy new business models and tap into industries such as connected cars, critical public services, and real-time industrial monitoring and control, as well as remote healthcare.

Recognising that many of these use cases would place unprecedented demands on latency, the volume and velocity of data, and security, Nokia said Wing had been built from an architecture that allows a “seamless” upgrade to 5G.

Nokia Wing’s network nodes, deployed around the world, will be integrated with the OneLink IoT SIM Card Connection and Management Platform to provide unified connectivity management for CMIoT’s international business customers, transcending traditional boundaries and geographical limitations.

The result will be that Wing will enable CMIoT to provide its customers global IoT connectivity services and cost-effectively take advantage of the global scale of Wing’s IoT infrastructure, therefore capturing greater IoT market share, according to Nokia.

Based on this agreement, Nokia and China Mobile will cooperate on IoT connectivity services and jointly build a Chinese node of Nokia Wing for CMIoT in Chongqing. Nokia and CMIoT are committed to developing international IoT business applications, products and services by combining their respective advantages to meet the needs of the growing international IoT market.

“The Nokia Wing IoT platform solution will give us a competitive edge with new enterprise customers and enable us to provide the level of IoT connectivity and management that all our customers expect, both in China and across the globe,” said Yaqiong Tan, deputy general manager CMIoT.

“We’re very proud to be working with CMIoT to meet the needs of modern enterprises around the world,” added Ankur Bhan, head of Wing Business at Nokia. “Our Wing solution will allow CMIoT to offer a superior IoT services experience to its customers at home and abroad. Its flexible, invest-as-you-grow business model will also enable CMIoT to go-to-market with this offering rapidly and be able to scale IoT services cost-effectively.”

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