PCCW Global furthers global IoT reach with Nayar Systems

Industrial internet of things firm collaborates with global comms services provider to reduce the time and cost of deploying the services most required by high-tech elevator systems

Days after it announced an internet of things (IoT) ecosystem partnership programme agreement to deliver IoT home care medical systems, international communications service provider PCCW Global has signed a collaboration deal with Nayar Systems to extend access to its Console Connect IoT SIM connectivity.

Nayar Systems, a telecoms engineering company and IoT tech developer, was established in Spain 13 years ago and has a current presence in 31 countries, with physical headquarters in Spain and China.

It presents itself to customers as an “ally” with which to strengthen their competitiveness and achieve operational excellence, opening up a range of possibilities through IoT in the industrial sector. The company believes machine learning and artificial intelligence will lead to the “democratisation of knowledge and technological dissemination”.

The company’s products include what is claimed to be the first device on the market with real-time connectivity capable of displaying elevator information and advertising content and an industrial IoT service that offers a secure network to transmit data recorded in the facilities, and a management platform to process and transform them into information understandable to the user.

It also boasts the first IoT communications device for the elevation sector that offers a 360-degree solution for connecting all devices in an elevator via a single SIM card.

Nayar sees the collaboration with PCCW Global enabling it to reduce the time and cost associated with deploying the telecoms services most required by high-tech elevator systems. PCCW will provide Nayar with Console Connect IoT single SIM technology, which is said to deliver a global fabric of connectivity and enables Nayar to offer an IoT solution to its worldwide clients.

Through the Console Connect IoT management portal, Nayar will be able to activate, monitor and manage any number of IoT SIMs remotely in more than 120 countries where the company has presence, enabling immediate 4G connectivity for the telemetry, safety and remote control functions of its elevators.

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As well as supporting both single SIM and eSIM technology across a global infrastructure, PCCW’s Console Connect IoT service includes a self-service portal, 24x7 international NOC monitoring and multilingual service hotline, fully private on-demand connectivity to clouds and datacentres, software-defined network orchestration, and support for a universal application programming interface (API) facilitating connectivity monitoring and management.

By incorporating single SIM IoT technology into the elevator production process, PCCW claims that the result will be a “significant” reduction in time and costs related to provisioning for telecoms services at the point of production. It said Nayar’s customers and end-users will also benefit from simplified installation and the deployment of reliable elevator communications using single IoT SIM technology.

“The collaboration will allow us to expand our business footprint around the globe and provide after-sales service in real time to our clients,” said José Luis Sanchis, CMO at Nayar Systems. “All problems related to elevator telecommunication connectivity are solved as the manufacturer controls the condition of the lift remotely at all times, without the installer having to deal with the problem of obtaining telecommunications connectivity from a local supplier.”

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