DAG Wireless unveils 4G/5G infrastructure for in-flight connectivity

Broadband access products provider announces new FCC and DO-160 certified in-flight broadband network designed to offer first-class wireless connectivity experiences

The aviation market may be more or less grounded right now, but DAG Wireless has announced the launch of the VelocityXG system, wireless broadband technology designed to improve all forms of in-flight connectivity.

The FCC- and DO-160-certified system, which is now commercially available, is claimed to offer reduced latency and high bandwidth compared with existing offerings and is designed to enable enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities for commercial, private and military aircraft. Designed for large data capacities, the 4G/5G-compatible standard system supports functions such as video streaming and VoIP calls.

The VelocityXG system combines three existing DAG Wireless products – the advanced remote radio-head, base station and mobile-end user device. Together, these comprise a network system that offers high-quality broadband, end-to-end/ground-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-air communications capability.

Alongside the Wi-Fi capabilities, VelocityXG can serve as infrastructure to any high-throughput-dependent functionality on aircraft, and in addition to the broadband infrastructure, it is said to offer additional features that ensure efficient functionality.

The network is segmented at every point, from the centralised management to the endpoints, including end-user devices such as computer modems. Smart data routing functionality is said to ensure a seamless, latency-free experience for users.

Each VelocityXG product is supported by the DAG Wireless/Element Management System, providing both remote and local management capabilities for networks and products.

Target markets include a variety of other applications in the commercial and private aerospace and defence industries, as well as large private networks and space-based networks.

“Now that we have obtained certification, we are ready to offer a unique capability to customers,” said David Gross, VP of operations at DAG. “By marrying next-generation wireless capability and advanced network management for flexible routing, we truly have a superior solution for a variety of industries and use cases.”

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