Top 10 networking stories of 2019

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 networking stories of 2019

Until Tuesday 10 December, it would have been absolutely fair to say that 2019 was the year of software-defined networking.

The buzz of the year to that date was all about the rapid acceleration of the core transition in networking from hardware-oriented products to software-defined services and systems. From all parts of the  networking world, enterprises were swapping out tin for cloud-native solutions that gave them orchestrated and managed control of assets, with centralised visibility including aggregated observability and automatic provisioning, configuration and connectivity.

And then, on 11 December, Cisco unveiled the basis of what it called the internet for the future. And at the vanguard of this journey into a brave new world was Silicon, specifically Silicon One, a unified silicon architecture that can serve anywhere in the network and be used in any form factor, said Cisco. Hardware was very much back to the future.

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 networking stories of 2019.

1. Cisco unveils plans for internet for the future

Online technology giant Cisco introduces platform for the internet of the future based on $5bn of investment in areas covering silicon, optics and software, bringing the ability to support massively scaled enterprise networks and 5G networks.

2. Openreach tests new digging tech for rural broadband builds

Openreach broadband engineers are testing out a range of new tools and techniques to bring full-fibre – or fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) – broadband to thousands of homes and small businesses in 13 villages and market towns, as it seeks to speed up the roll-out of ultrafast services in rural Britain.

3. Plusnet most complained about broadband provider

Ofcom’s latest stats show a downward trend in consumer complaint volumes, but some are bucking the trend.

4. Silver Peak claims cloud-scale SD-WAN innovation with enhanced core platform

SD-WAN tech provider enhances Unity EdgeConnect platform to respond to the evolving requirements of cloud-first enterprises looking to scale, automate and extend SD-WAN deployments across multiple fabrics.

5. ‘Poor’ comms and collaboration tools cost UK plc over £7,500 per employee per year

Survey reveals workplace productivity is deeply impacted by an organisation’s communications and collaboration practices and technology.

6. Tata, Fortinet to offer managed services for Microsoft Azure virtual WAN

Firms launch one of the first industry offerings of native hybrid SD-WAN coupled with traffic steering and security protection for the Azure cloud.

7. Gigabit internet now available to one in 20 globally

5G starts eating into fibre as 5% of the global population gain access to gigabit networks.

8. Gigabit broadband to transform working lives across Europe

Report from economist Oxera predicts that many social and economic benefits will result from the widespread roll-out of gigabit broadband, as increased connectivity changes the way people interact with each other.

9. Enterprise WLAN industry makes tracks

IDC research finds wireless connectivity remains a top priority for global business as bandwidth demands continue to increase and near real-time business applications require lower latencies.

10. Taking business transformation and disruption to the Extreme

Supporting business transformation and disruption seem to be on every supplier’s lips these days, but not many can say they are where they are today precisely because of their own business transformation and disruption. Extreme Networks can.

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