HSBC hires Ian Bromwich as UK CIO

New incumbent Ian Bromwich joins HSBC from Lloyds Banking Group

HSBC has appointed Ian Bromwich as UK chief information officer.

The executive joined the bank this month. He reports to Darryl West, HSBC’s global chief information officer, who is based in Hong Kong, and Emma Bunnell, chief operating officer for HSBC UK.

Bromwich came to HSBC from Lloyds Banking Group, where he held a CIO-level role focused on digital transformation, which involved projects in areas such as machine learning, robotics and big data.

Prior to joining Lloyds Banking Group, Bromwich served as a CIO at other financial services organisations. One of these was Barclaycard, where he focused on digital projects, including mobile and contactless payments.

He also served as chief technology officer at insurance firm RSA, where he was accountable for the IT strategy and execution for the group, including integration of mergers and acquisitions, transformation and a talent management programme focused on IT leadership.

Nurturing talent for the IT jobs of the future is also a priority for Bromwich’s new employer. According to HSBC, employers have a huge role to play in helping people to continue their personal development, including upskilling existing staff.  

As HSBC transforms into a digital-first operation, it predicted some of the future job titles its staff might have. One such job title is mixed-reality experience designer, tasked with making mixed-reality work to improve the application of mixed-reality technology in the workplace. Others include algorithm mechanic, conversational interface designer, universal service advisor, digital process engineer, and partnership gateway enabler.

Over the past three years, HSBC has been driving a digital transformation, underpinned by a move to a cloud-first strategy, to apply analytics to its vast datasets, as well as a focus on mobile channels.

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