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Chesterfield NHS trust consolidates 30 data management systems into one with Civica

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust aims to become a paperless organisation by 2020

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has signed a five-year deal with Civica that will see it consolidate 30 of its document management and clinical information systems into one.

This will be achieved by deploying Civica’s cloud-based digital health platform Cito, which the company claims will support the trust in its goal to become a paperless organisation by 2020 by removing the need for physical patient case notes and records.

The trust has previously worked with Civica to accelerate its progress on this front by using its electronic document management system (EDMS) WinDIP, which has been in place since 2012. So the latest deal effectively marks an extension of their past dealings.

However, the Cito system is designed to bring together all the clinical data the trust has on patients into a single digital repository that will be updated in real time. The information can accessed, via Cito, from any device, but is locked down using single sign-on technology.

The trust is responsible for delivering healthcare services to 420,000 people living in and around Chesterfield, north Derbyshire, and has more than 3,900 employees. It claims to have invested more than £120m in technology, services and new facilities over the past decade.

By enabling access to patient records and the transfer of essential information between the trust and its healthcare partners, clinicians can immediately gather insights and information along a patient’s care pathway. This will deliver real-time access to critical information at the point of care, and improve outcomes for patients.  

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Ian Hazel, associate director of ICT and patient records at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said upgrading to Cito will give clinicians a well-rounded view of their patients, which should enable them to deliver even greater levels of care.

“As a major NHS trust, our vision is to be a first-class provider of sustainable healthcare services, delivering the best possible care to our patients,” said Hazel.

“By upgrading to Civica’s Cito system, we are progressing on the digital transformation of our services, reducing errors with an accurate single view of a patient’s care record, while speeding up services to enhance care.”

David Roots, executive director of health and care at Civica, said: “Cito will support the trust’s vision to deliver paperless services at the point of care, drive digital transformation and, ultimately, enhance patient care. We are looking forward to continuing our work with the trust in the future to provide innovative technology solutions to meet its evolving digital requirements.”

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