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Infosys announces more US jobs

Indian supplier Infosys continues to open hubs and recruit more IT professionals in the US

Indian IT services supplier Infosys is opening another operation in the US as it continues to increase the number of delivery staff it has in the country where most its business is done.

The technology and innovation hub in Connecticut will create 1,000 US jobs by 2012, and will focus on delivering technology services to the insurance, healthcare and manufacturing sectors in the New England region.

IT suppliers that get large chunks of their revenue in the US are reacting to calls from the US government, emanating from president Donald Trump, to have more work delivered by US citizens in the US.

It is also a reflection of changing demand, with businesses outsourcing IT now wanting suppliers to have a better understanding of their business challenges so they can offer specialist services that go beyond cutting costs.

“[The Commecticut] investment will further strengthen our ability to serve clients’ needs throughout the New England region and expand the local workforce to help our clients compete in the rapidly digitising insurance, healthcare and manufacturing sectors,” said Infosys president Ravi Kumar.

The hub will include insurance and healthcare labs that focus on smart underwriting, claims fraud, the internet of things (IoT) and cloud. Infosys will also train its employees at the centre and in techniques with agile, development operations, cloud and information security projects.

Following Trump’s tough stance on reducing the number of jobs in the US carried out by non-US citizens or being done offshore, Infosys pledged to recruit 10,000 additional US staff by 2019.

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Infosys recently opened a technology hub in Indianapolis with 2,500 job vacancies. The company is also planning a technology and innovation hub in Raleigh, North Carolina and a design and innovation hub in Providence, Rhode Island.

Infosys is not alone in pledging to increase its US workforce. Last year, Accenture said it would create 15,000 highly skilled jobs in the US. Although a US company, around 130,000 of Accenture’s 400,000-strong global workforce are in India, and many of them serve US clients.

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