Employers back student-led IT Counts campaign

Employers pledge to support student-led ITMB project that promotes IT as a career

Employers have pledged to support a student-led campaign that aims to overturn IT’s "geeky" image to encourage more young people to consider careers in technology.

Students on the IT Management for Business (ITMB) course at Manchester Business School developed the ‘IT Counts’ project to redefine tech education and careers as exciting.

The students pitched their idea to employers this week at the e-skills offices in central London. As a result, employers such as GlaxoSmithKline, Accenture, and Deloitte have pledged to help scale the campaign to a national level.

IT Counts was originally created from a student competition, but the project has evolved to promote IT as a subject and career choice.

The project includes an app, promotional video and a social media campaign explaining how IT Counts includes interactive lesson that introduce the technical aspects of computing.

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Hollie McShera, a first-year ITMB student said: “IT Counts is our way of tackling young people’s misconceptions about IT. We want to show them that IT is an open door to so many amazing and exciting opportunities, from starting your own business to working in sport, fashion, marketing, and everything in between.

“We’re astonished by the support from tech employers and e-skills UK, and can’t wait to work with them to take our campaign to the next level.”

Naomi Appleton, graduate recruiter at Accenture, said: “I’m incredibly impressed by the ITMB students who have worked together to create this much-needed campaign.

“The enthusiasm of the students is so infectious and energising, and I have no doubt they have the potential to inspire hundreds, if not thousands, of young people into tech.”

Karen Price, CEO of e-skills UK, said: “The students have shown tremendous tenacity and insight in seeking to tackle a stubborn problem faced by the tech sector – that of attracting and recruiting young talent.

“The students are fantastic ambassadors for tech education and skills, and I am looking forward to seeing them take their message across the country with the support of employers.” 

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