Social media users demand more meaningful interactivity

British people want more from the social media platforms they use as demand for more meaningful user experiences increases.

British people are demanding more from the social media platforms they use as demand for an improved user experiences increases.

This signals the importance for businesses to get their social media strategies right as users want more than just the ability to connect with others.

According to research from YouGov 41% of UK people getting bored of social media, but despite usage is continuing to rise.

The survey found that 65% of the UK’s online population have used Facebook in the last month. Facebook has the highest percentage of active users of all social media platform.

A massive 95% of 16-20 year olds and 74% of 21-24 year olds have accessed Facebook within the last month.

YouTube is the next most popular with 50% of UK internet users using the site within the last month. Meanwhile Twitter was accessed by 23% of UK internet users in the last month, Windows Live 14%, LinkedIn 13%, Google +, 12% and Spotify 10%.

The demand for improving social media is increasing the popularity of business-focussed platforms. For instance, the expert consumer financial advice site, now has as many active users as Twitter.

The LinkedIn professional networking site, is growing while Facebook usage could be levelling out. The YouGov survey revealed that 53% of UK LinkedIn users used the site more this year than last year and 30% expect to use it more next year.

For Facebook 23% of users said they use the site less now than 12 months ago, while 19% expect to use it less next year.

Dan Brilot, media consulting director at YouGov, said: “It appears that whilst social media can be a key tool in the brand marketer’s armoury, in particular to maximise commitment amongst those already highly engaged with the brand, it has not quite reached the effectiveness necessary to be considered as a truly mass media marketing tool”

With the ability to share, tweet and interact on any kind of site, almost a given, social media services increasingly need to have an extra raison d’etre beyond merely being ‘social’ to make an impact in today’s crowded market.”

Businesses can use social media already available or use software to give them more control of it. Indian IT service provider Infosys for example has introduced a platform which aims to industrialise social media. The iEngage Digital Consumer Platform, as it is known offers businesses sectors including finance, high tech manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and retail a means of interacting with and managing customers.

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