nullcon 2011 Day Zero: Photo feature

Botnet detection, fuzzing intricacies, Zeus MitMo, VoIP attacks, and more. nullcon Day Zero saw considerable action worth the capture.

nullcon Dwitiya witnessed action worth following—whether it is the Desi Jugaad track on Hacking the Parliament or demystifying the Zeus man in the middle attack on cell phones. Get into the thick of all the action at nullcon Day Zero with our vignette series.


The null con team: behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, as nullcon’s team gets into gear


Anurag Dhanda

Hacking the Parliament: Anurag Dhanda demonstrates a classic social engineering attack


Jeremy Brown demonstrating a vulnerability in a SCADA software

SCADA software vulnerabilities get demystified at Jeremy Brown’s session


Audience at a Null Con session

Audience listens in rapt attention


Nilesh Sharma talking on Botnet attacks

Nilesh Sharma explains a botnet detection approach


Harsimran Walia reverse engineering a Microsoft patch code

Harsimran Walia reverse engineers a Microsoft patch’s code


Knowledge sharing at nullcon

Brainstorming in progress at nullcon 2011


Mikel Gastesi explaining attacks via Cell phones

Mikel Gastesi explains ZeuS MitMo attacks using cell phones


Abhijeet Hatekar talks about hacking into VOIP based video phones

Hacking VoIP based videophones with Abhijeet Hatekar




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