Business intelligence implementation best practices

Business intelligence implementations are riddled with challenges. Use these best practices to make your business intelligence implementations successful.

The intricacies of a business intelligence implementation can be mind boggling. This one stop resource will equip you with insightful instructions. It will aid your learning by presenting best practices and success stories from BI veterans across the nation.


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Business intelligence implementation: Useful guidelines 


A business intelligence implementation project involves considerable investments in terms of time and money. Hence, it is important to ensure its flawless execution. Here are highlighted some key considerations to be borne in mind while undertaking a business intelligence (BI) implementation to reap its numerous advantages.


Avoid business intelligence implementation failure 

While business intelligence (BI) is fast becoming a top implementation priority for most businesses, achieving return on investment (RoI) through business intelligence (BI) implementation still remains a challenge. To dispel the fear of failure, solid business case such as this needs to be made the basis of your BI implementation.


Three essential aspects of business intelligence implementation 

While contemplating a business intelligence implementation for your business, ensure that your business intelligence (BI) system is designed for easy and useful access across the enterprise.

These three must-haves about business intelligence implementation will help you to guarantee that your company is making powerful decisions based on real data.


Learnings from Quality Management to business intelligence implementation 

Failure rates of business intelligence implementations are estimated to be more than 65%. To improve the chances of success of business intelligence implementation; lessons may be learnt from what quality management leaders have done for wider adoption and acceptance of quality initiatives.


Yes Bank finds success with implementation of in-housed developed business intelligence solution 

A business intelligence implementation should act as an impetus rather than cause a delay in the acquisition of useful information. To respond to this need rapidly, Yes Bank undertook an in-house development of a BI solution as the best bet. The bank shares the  guiding principles about taking up such a challenging task. 


8 quick steps to self-service business intelligence implementation 

Although not a substitute for a full-scale business intelligence implementation, self-service BI can be a welcome relief for overworked IT managers who find it difficult to stay ahead of user requests for new reports and applications. Learn how to incorporate self-service BI to democratize data and to empower business users.


Challenges involved in deploying analytical databases 

You don’t need the new crop of analytical databases that have become available in recent years to power your data marts. Get consultant Rick Sherman’s advice on retaining and optimizing your existing investments, and learn about the challenges that organizations tend to face during analytical database projects.


Grow with business intelligence implementation, the Hero Honda way 

Business strategists are commanders of their companies. To solve the ‘whats’, ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the business, they find themselves buried under pools of data. When Hero Honda’s reporting systems proved insufficient to abet business endeavors, read on to know how SAP business intelligence (BI) implementation made the difference.


How LG India’s business intelligence implementation delivers improved reporting, analysis 

Uncover how LG India made life good by opting for Kautilya which offered strong analytical capabilities for its transactional system and reduced load on the sytem for speedy report generation. 


Hypercity's success story: Business intelligence implementation with OLAP cubes 

To analyze large volumes of customer data generated on a daily basis, retail player Hypercity opted for a business intelligence implementation using OLAP cubes. We take a look at the benefits.


Marico steps it up with Cognos BI reporting tool 


Marico, an Indian consumer products and services provider in the global beauty and wellness industry, worked on Excel sheets, prior to its business intelligence implementation. Post implementation, business intelligence (BI) reporting tool yields manifold benefits to Marico. Read the full story.


Alfa Laval India improves forecasting with a business intelligence implementation 

Alfa Laval India has 17 branch offices and three factories in India. The company was finding it difficult to manage the wide range of reports which were generated on a daily basis. Find out how implementation of a business intelligence reporting has helped the company on this front.


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