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UKCloud turns the focus on health

Having established a strong reputation in the public sector UKCloud has set up a health division

Having built a strong presence in the public sector over the last six years UKCloud is hoping to bring the same success to the health sector.

The firm has established a seperate division to focus on the health sector, encompassing the NHS, pharma and other related members of the ecosystem.

The size of the ambition is fairly grand given the low adoption of cloud so far by the health sector with less than 10% happy to place their data into a hosted environment.

But UKCloud CEO Simon Hansford feels that with its established record and ability to deliver secure hosting to the public sector it can change the attitude in the health sector.

"Health is still an early adopter in cloud. There is around 2% in cloud adoption so there is a long way ahead of us," he added "As a company we thought there was a market opportunity."

Some of the pressing issues for the health sector are the need for greater colloboration and sharing growing volumes of data without using platforms that threaten lock-in.

Hansford said that it had spent a lot of time talking to private equity, analysts, experts and industry commentators to sanity check its plans.

"We have spent a lot of time and done some naval gazing trying to work out if we want to do this. The most natural transition is in health where issues of sovereignty and security are key tenets," he said.

The launch of the service starts with 29 partners, including the likes of Advice Cloud, Capgemini, CloudHub 360, Digital Healthcare Management, Docman, Egton, Fujifilm, Intec for Business and Informatica Systems, and 30 customers.

"With the initial 29 partners that have signed up to the platform and they have been looking for a platform such as this," he added "There is a big latent demand and you will see a slew of announcements [coming from us]."

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