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July 2021

How do I get my users to pay attention to security training?

Humans are often seen as the first line of defence in the cyber security posture of organisations today. By offering security awareness training programmes, businesses can educate their employees about a range of growing cyber security risks and what to do if they notice one. With cyber criminals increasingly targeting businesses and their employees, security awareness training is more important than ever. But despite this, users often pay little attention to cyber training and end up putting their organisation’s security at risk as a consequence. So, how can security teams get employees to take training seriously? Developing a security culture Getting staff to understand the importance of security training for themselves and the entire organisation is a major challenge currently faced by employers, according to Immersive Labs application security lead Sean Wright. “Security training is a really difficult one to tackle. It often already has a negative connotation associated with it – those pesky security people again – so trying...

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