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November 2021 - January 2022

Norway and IoT: A match made in heaven

An unusual mix of industries and an eager population make Norway fertile ground for innovation in the realm of internet of things (IoT). Commercial activities are not the same in Norway as they are in many other developed countries. Manufacturing and traditional supply chains are not a big part of the industrial landscape, but oil and gas are – and so are all things maritime. It isn’t surprising that the country is already full of interesting IoT applications, but there’s reason to believe the best is yet to come. According to Anders Elbak, research director at IDC: “Norwegians, like all other Nordic populations, are open to new technologies. They aren’t afraid of trying new things, but they take a practical approach towards technology, only applying it to solve specific needs.” What better way of solving specific problems than to connect “things” with highly tailored software that makes intelligent decisions? This creation of smart environments fits the Norwegian mindset in more ways than one. “IoT solutions involve a lot of ...

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