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September-November 2019

Hop jumps to Pure Storage to avoid big storage complexity

Air France Hop is in the middle of a business and IT transformation that includes a decision to do away with datacentre specialisms. This is not something Hop’s incumbent storage suppliers wanted to hear. In the face of their stubbornness, Hop CIO Ludovic Kervella decided to cut ties and go for new flash storage arrays from relative newcomer Pure Storage, in a move which has seen it make gains in performance and datacentre space, but also in terms of its ease of use. “Hop’s mission since becoming Air France Hop in February is to make sure aircraft and crews are always available, so that flights are guaranteed,” says Kervella. “The commercial side of things is being handled by Air France from now on. From my point of view, that means our 50 FTEs must use the most modern tools to make information available to our 1,600 crew and 1,000 people on the ground.” Air France Hop has around 100 applications that include software packages specific to aircraft operations and communication. It runs about 500 virtual machines and 35TB of ...

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